Ep 201: Answering Ewe'r Questions, Part 2

Kelly Locke

 We keep answering listener questions and finish them up! This episode has some fun additions from dogs who were getting tired of the long recording session.

No links or photos this week, just lots of fun answers to your questions! Enjoy the episode!

Ep 200: Answering Ewe'r Questions, Part 1

Kelly Locke

Our 200th episode is all about us! You asked and we answered. Questions about our lives, our crafting journey, our friendship, our plans. Join us as we share everything Ewe want to know. 

Ep 199: Yarn So Nice She'll Have to Knit It Twice

Marsha Failor


Get ready with us as we prepare for our 200th episode! For our anniversary we will be answering listeners’ questions. Send your questions to twoewes@twoewesfiberadventures.com or use the Ravelry thread, or DM 1hundredprojects or betterinmotion on instagram.

Ep 198: It's A N-EWE Year!

Marsha Failor


Happy New Year to our listeners! We have finished projects including a huge completion for Marsha. We’ve started some projects, plus some discussion about a new espinner.

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Ep 197: We've Got the Holiday Spirit!

Marsha Failor

We’ve got the holiday spirit! Wishing everyone a peaceful and happy holiday and New Year. We talk about project updates and plans for our next projects.