Ep 156: Captions, Clarity, and Needles (not the Knitting Kind!)

Kelly Locke

 We talk about captions, speaking clearly, vaccinations, and our pitifully small batch of knitting projects.

Ep 155: Extremities Knit or Crochet Along

Kelly Locke


Lots of tangents and a new KAL/CAL inspired by some new patterns for your hands and feet. These were generously donated by the designers as prizes. 

Ep 154: Preventing Pooling Presents Problems

Kelly Locke

Comments 3


Preventing pooling, planning with paper, and a dilemma about how to hide where you are alternating skeins. These are the topics of the day! 

Ep 153: We're So Predictable

Kelly Locke


The solace of creating order, a nice button band technique, and plans for 2021. 

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Ep 152: The Port Side of a Teapot

Kelly Locke

Comments 1

Holiday fun has exhausted Marsha while Kelly has been busy making a butt-shaped divot on her couch. Plus we have a patron giveaway and a surprise Winter Weave Along prize today!