Ep 171: Garter Squish Obsession

Marsha Failor

Comments 17

Moorit, a new crochet magazine and a Garter Squish obsession are topics in this episode. Plus, the Two Ewes are back at their respective homes and we talk about how it is going now that we are back to our “real lives”. 

Live and Unedited at the Beach

Kelly Locke

Comments 6

Summer Spin-In winners announced! The Two Ewes are together for two weeks so this is a quick, unedited episode to announce the winners and give a brief update on our adventures.

Ep 169: Adding Pens to Our Venn Diagram

Marsha Failor


In this episode Kelly visits the San Francisco International Pen Show. After hearing about all the beautiful pens, we may all want to start collecting a few ourselves. We also learn that pens join knitting, dogs, chickens, and teaching on the venn diagram.

Ep 168: Gamp Weaving and Spinning Weasels...We Learn Some New Words

Marsha Failor

The Summer Spin ends in less than a month so we discuss knitting with handspun. Plus, we have great prizes for the Spin In provided by the Three Green Sisters and we have our Patreon Pattern Giveaway.

Ep 167: Dominant and Submissive Colors in Stranded Knitting

Marsha Failor

Comments 5

In stranded knitting what is the opposite of the dominant color?  Is it the submissive color? There are lessons we've apparently not learned about alternating skeins and we have a Patreon patron giveaway! Thank you to all our patrons! You can join them in supporting us at patreon.com/twoewes

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