Ep 11: How to Boil a Frog

Two Ewes

Listeners have asked us about our distance walking so in this podcast we talk about our walking adventures and, not to worry, we also talk about fiber.

We are excited that we found a way to record our conversation! It's almost like we are in the same room and not separated by a state! Together we discuss how we each came to the sport of distance walking, how we train, and some of the challenges and pleasures we each find in training. We also discuss, while at first the distances seemed insurmountable, by beginning with short walks and continuously adding more miles we were soon routinely walking over 20 miles. Not unlike how you can boil a frog. Put it in a pot of cold water and turn the heat up slowly until you bring to a boil. (We swear we have never done this!)  Here is a sample of a training schedule to prepare for a marathon over a 22 week period.  Here is another example of a training schedule (16 weeks).  We use something similar and just walk instead of run.

Kelly is just about finished with the quick ankle socks from Red Heart Heart and Sole.  Only the last few rows of the toe is left on the second sock.  The Niebling lace is moving along slowly, as expected.  No progress has been made on the octopus.  However, one of the dishcloth warps is now on the loom and will soon be ready to weave!

Kelly also started a new project, a Sockhead Hat (pattern by Kelly McClure) out of Madeline Tosh Lace held doubled.  The color is Spectrum and it is  gorgeous!

The dishcloth warp is one of Kelly's goals in the Yarniacs Q1 Stashdown Challenge.  The theme of this is "Love the Yarn You Have."  Another goal that Kelly has is to swatch with some of the coned weaving yarn and see if some of them are suitable for knitting.  There are now four swatches and possibilities for three new sweaters out of cotton, linen and silk yarns. 

Marsha gives an update on progress on the Five Project Challenge. She has spun additional fiber so she now has 450 yards of yarn for her son's Patriot Socks. Next week she plans to dye the yarn. She continues to work on her Double Scoop shawl and her Pismo Beach socks. Alas, no progress to report on her Custom Fit Featherweight Cardigan.

Double Scoop shawl is progressing.

She did spin the mystery yarn she won as a door prize at the NW Spin In in January. She has 270 yards of about sock weight yarn which she named Plain Brown Wrapper. Now what to make with it. Fingerless gloves?

Mystery fiber spun into Plain Brown Wrapper.
Marsha gave her hand spun called Berry Mashup to her friend Kim (KMDesigns on Ravelry). Kim is making a scarf called One Row Handspun Scarf. It is fun to see how the yarn is knitting up!

Kim's Berry Mashup scarf. So pretty!

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