Ep 12: Let the Yarn Season Begin!

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Our podcast is a week late because the Two Ewes have been so busy. Kelly attended Stitches West in Santa Clara, California last weekend. Since next weekend we will be at the Rose City Yarn Crawl, it actually made sense to skip a week and start back now on our every two weeks schedule.

In the time since the last episode, Kelly has finished two small projects.  The Spectrum Hat, using the Sock Head Hat pattern by Kelly McClure, is now finished.  It was cast on as a last minute knitting project for a professional development day.  Also cast on as a last minute "take-along" project are the Spring Dishcloths. They are in slip stitch patterns inspired by the Slip Stitch Dishtowels pattern on the PurlBee blog

Kelly continues to work on the dishtowels that she is weaving as a way to use up coned yarn stash for the Yarniacs Podcast 2015Q1 Stash Down Challenge.  The dishtowels and the dishcloths are both using stash yarn.  She is also working on a Newborn Vertebrae (pattern by Kelly Brooker) that was cast on at the last minute for take-along knitting for Stitches West.  You will note several themes here:  the name Kelly, the use of coned stash yarn, and the last minute cast on of a take-along project!

Marsha has been busy working on her five projects. She finished her Double Scoop Shawl and absolutely loves it. Thank you Ash Alberg for designing such a beautiful shawl.  She designs and blogs under the name Sun Flower Knit.

Marsha's completed Double Scoop Shawl.

Marsha continues to knit on her Pismo beach socks.  She also picked up her Custom Fit Featherweight Cardigan again and finished the back, the first front, and cast on for the second front.

She spun more more for her son's red, white and blue socks. Marsha spent a fun afternoon dyeing the yarn and has started knitting the socks. Here are some pictures of the yarn since it is so much fun to see how the yarn changes in each stage.

Skein stage.

Ball stage.

Knitted stage

And then Marsha got this text from Kelly's husband Robert. Marsha couldn't stop laughing and this is proof she is not a REAL football fan since the name connection never crossed her mind!

Kelly tells about her fun at Stitches West, including the Yarniacs and 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast meet-up and purchases of yarn and fiber.  Some of the great vendors from which she purchased goodies:  Sincere Sheep, Abstract Fiber, Western Sky Knits, Yarn Barn, and Webs.  

 She also made a sample with a punch needle rug hook at the Wooly Walkers booth and was so thrilled with the process that she now has a new hobby!
Isn't this cute!

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