Ep 13: Live From Portland!

Two Ewes

Kelly and Marsha met up in Portland, Oregon for the Rose City Yarn Crawl from March 5-8. Can you believe there are fifteen yarn shops in the Portland area? We didn't have time to visit each shop but sure gave it a try. In this episode we share our experience of the yarn crawl and hold off discussing project updates until the next episode. It was so much fun to put this podcast together while we were actually in the same room!

Here are the shops we visited.

Close Knit, Dublin Bay Knitting Co., For Yarn's Sake, Happy Knits, Knit Purl, Knitting Bee, The Naked Sheep Knit Shop, Pearl Fiber Arts, and Twisted. All the shops were great and the crawl was very well organized and fun. We also enjoyed some delicious Portland food, wine, beer, coffee, and chocolate. However, no Voodoo Donuts for us, and here is why...

Quite the crowd waiting to get VooDoo Donuts!
We met three very interesting indie dyers from the Portland area.  Alexandra, from Alexandra's Crafts spoke with us about the yarn dyed with a shibori technique she that she was debuting at Pearl Fiber Arts.  Next, we met Sarah of Bumblebirch at Close Knit, where she was having a trunk show.  Her beautiful tonal yarn also jumped into our shopping basket!  At the Yarn Party at Happy Knits, we met Stephania of Three Fates Yarns.  She was also having a trunk show with lots of sample projects from her beautiful yarns.

Portland was in full bloom!
 Kelly scored 1200 yards of naturally dyed linen on sale from one of her new favorite suppliers, Sincere Sheep.
 Here is the pile of yarn we ended up with.  We were quite restrained, really.  It helped that Kelly had to fly on to San Antonio with just one suitcase.
Kelly's purchases.
Marsha's purchases.

We got brave and wore name tags.
Marsha and Kelly smiling after a
successful crawl.
We must have been overcome with yarn fumes, because we didn't take very many pictures, and none show us in all our knitwear, but here are a couple more.

Relaxing with wine after a full day of crawling.

Baby "Tangle" at Twisted. So adorable.
Since Portland is such a hip city and the people all have a great sense of style, the Two Ewes have decided to start working toward their own West Coast version of Advanced Style.  We have a few years before we are old enough, so we have time to perfect our more relaxed version of the Advanced Style "look!"

The trip was great.  The bottom line...plan a Portland get-away with your favorite yarn loving friends!  Rose City Yarn Crawl will be back again next March, but you don't have to wait that long!

Check out this episode!

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