Ep 20b: Brain Like a Shaken Snow Globe

Two Ewes

In the episode Marsha  contributes the B side, or flip side, to Kelly's A side of our podcast. So much has been going on that Marsha feels her brain is a shaken snow globe with all her information, stories, and ideas spinning around. Marsha gives an update on her current projects and reports on her two recent advent-ewes. The first was a weekend in Bellingham, WA where she visited local yarn shops. The second was her fabulous weekend at the annual Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon.  HEAVEN for a new spinner (or any spinner, really)!  There is knitting, spinning, fleece, yarn and all kinds of fibery goodness.  it's enough to swirl your brain!
As with the 20a series this episode is unedited, due to Kelly's Washington, DC travel constraints. We recommend listening to the 20a series first and then this episode 20b. Also, new listeners might want to start with one of our more typical episodes.  Happy listening!
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