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#KnittedMemories Instagram Contest


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The Two Ewes are having an Instagram contest.Post pictures of knitted or crocheted items that hold special memories for you. Tell us a little about the memory and use the hashtag #knittedmemories. Since it is an Instagram contest you need not be a member of the group to play. You can enter as many times as you want. Join in the fun!...

Ep. 7: #KnittedMemories

Two Ewes

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Kelly talks about the Family Circle Cabled, Hooded Sweater that Aunt Betty made for her in 1977.  Complicated cables, full-length sleeves and an enormous 1x1 rib hood all done between Thanksgiving and Christmas really spell love!  Also, can you believe that the pattern information can be found onlineand that there are current project pages for this sweater in Ravelry? So...