Ep 24: Listen Responsibly

Two Ewes

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We don't always record together, but when we do, we prefer giggles.  Please listen responsibly. 

Marsha visited Kelly over the Labor Day Weekend, and the Two Ewes have so much to discuss that this episode comes to you in two parts. This episode is ready for listening and Part 2 (Episode 25) will be uploaded in a few days.

In Part 1 we announce our first ever Crochet-A-Long! The CAL starts...

Ep 23: One Little Ewe off the Grid, One Little Ewe Stayed Home

Two Ewes

Tags knit, knitting, podcast, spinning, summer, travel

Lot's of knitting happening here!

Kelly was away in the wilderness camping for two weeks and finished the Dorthelia tank by Corrina Ferguson (from her book Warm Days, Cool Knits).  She also made great progress on the endless cotton/linen Featherweight Cardigan and the Niebling lace doily.

Marsha finished her Wispy Willow Cardigan by Cheryl Beckerich made with HiKoo CoBaSi. This is Marsha's first...

Ep 22: Town Ewe and Country Ewe

Kelly is camping in her newly painted trailer known as "The Clubhouse."  It is a 10.5 foot, 1967 trailer that has been decorated in a San Francisco Giants theme.

They have camped in The Clubhouse for 3 summers, but this is the first trip after it got the new paint job, had some water damage repaired, and had the interior re-paneled. This episode includes an audio field trip to the Mt. Madonna...

Ep 21: Cool Knits and Big Wins!

Two Ewes

Tags dyeing, knitting, podcast, spinning

Marsha and Kelly both finished knitting their sweaters and both are big wins!  (At recording time we both had a little left to go, but now that the episode is published we are finished).  Marsha's Blue Juno sweater fits even better than she thought it would.
Blocking made it perfect!
A great fit!
Kelly's Purple Cherry Vanillasweater is the perfect sweatshirt alternative and used yarn from her...

Ep 20b: Brain Like a Shaken Snow Globe

Two Ewes

Tags dyeing, knitting, podcast, spinning

In the episode Marsha contributes the B side, or flip side, to Kelly's A side of our podcast. So much has been going on that Marsha feels her brain is a shaken snow globe with all her information, stories, and ideas spinning around. Marsha gives an update on her current projects and reports on her two recent advent-ewes. The first was a weekend in Bellingham, WA where she visited local yarn shops....